The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart Of The Emberstone - GAMMA VR (Virtual Reality)

The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart Of The Emberstone


The Gallery is a puzzle exploration game series built for virtual reality and inspired by the mystery of dark 80’s fantasy adventure films.


After following your sister Elsie to the world of Ember, you discover the remnants of a destroyed civilization, torn apart by two siblings and their individual quests for power. Along the way you meet a mountainous ally who, like you, is looking for their other half. Using the Gauntlet, a mysterious new power capable of manipulating energy, you must unravel the history of this forgotten place, and reveal the true intentions of the dark figure who sent you here.

Continue your epic journey through the Starseed to the distant planet of Ember, in this highly-anticipated sequel to Call of the Starseed, the VR adventure that started it all.

  • Unravel the dark past of a forgotten world inspired by classic 80’s fantasy, including Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal
  • Control impossible technologies with The Gauntlet, a mysterious relic imbued with telekinetic power
  • Unlock history with a world of new puzzles designed to take full advantage of the physicality and precision hand-t
  • racking only possible with virtual reality.
  • Come face-to-face with a mountainous ally and bizarre alien creatures in stunning roomscale presence.
  • Experience the best in VR sound with captivating spatial audio and a brand new Original Soundtrack by award-winning composer Jeremy Soule.
  • Immerse yourself in a lovingly polished world of fantasy; with multiple hours of gameplay, story, and wonder in this elaborate sequel.
  • Experimental locomotion modes allow users to uniquely tailor their VR journey.


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Bring a friend or team up with fellow adventurers to conquer the challenges of Emberstone together. Explore stunning environments, uncover ancient secrets, and unlock the power of the mysterious artifact.

Immerse yourself in a captivating puzzle-solving experience as you unravel the mysteries of Ember, a fantastical world filled with magic and intrigue.

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Released On

Oct 18, 2017


Cloudhead Games ltd.


Action. Adventure


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