Frontline Heroes Vr - GAMMA VR (Virtual Reality)

Frontline Heroes Vr

An incident in an experiment on a hadron particle accelerator opens a portal to alternative realities, horrible creatures from different realities emerge throughout the solar system and must be destroyed.


2034 on board the Destiny International Space Station is experimenting with a hadron particle accelerator and an incident occurs, a portal to alternative realities has been opened and all crew members have disappeared. Horrible creatures from different realities appear in the whole solar system which must be destroyed.

  • Shooter with puzzle elements
  • 1 Campaign
  • 5 Missions
  • 8 Different Weapons
  • 8 Different Enemys
  • Free Locomotion
Frontline Heroes Vr

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Immerse yourself in the action-packed world of heroic battles, where you'll defend the innocent and protect the world from imminent danger.

Team up with friends or take on missions solo as you utilize your superhuman abilities, unleash devastating attacks, and save the day.

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Released On

Jun 29, 2018


Indiecode Games


Action , Shooter


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