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and it’s up to you and your team to figure out all the clues and get out before it’s too late!


While visiting a well renowned doctor, you notice something is amiss at his office. Before you realize what’s going on, he drugs you and you fall asleep. When you wake up, you are sitting on a chair in the back room, locked and unable to get out of the building. You can tell that the doctor is running some kind of experiment on animals and people and you are his next subject! Can you figure out what’s going on and escape before it’s too late?

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Escape Room?

An escape room, also known as an “escape game”, is a live­‐action team­‐based game where players cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time.


What is a VR Escape Room?

A VR Escape Room is just like a normal Escape Room in terms of the concept. The major difference is that instead of a physical room, you are in an Immersive Virtual Reality environment. The immersive effect of being in Virtual Reality transports you to a dimension that real life can’t match.


What does it mean by the 1-hour time limit?

Since an escape room is a challenge, the 1-hour time limit is an element to fulfill the “challenge” aspect of the experience. Within the hour, it is your responsibility to figure out all the clues and make it out on time. Our staff is trained to guide you through your experience, if you need some hints, we are here to provide you with what you need so that you can accomplish the goal of completing the Escape Room in 1 hour.


Will hints be provided if help is needed?

As mentioned in the previous answer, our staff will provide hints on an as-need basis. By default, your group will have a total allowance of 3 hints for the session. You can ask for these hints as you please at any moment of your experience. 


Is there only one VR Escape Room Experience available?

At the moment we have only one official VR Escape Room Experience available. We are working on getting more experiences so that each visit can present itself with a new challenge


What is the age limit for the VR Escape Room Experience?

There is no concrete age limit put in place. However, we have gathered that children under the age of 8 may have some trouble in being able to understand the mechanics behind Virtual Reality. This isn’t certain since we have had kids as young as 4 years old participate in Virtual Reality gaming. Our staff always makes it a point to give everyone a chance to play in Virtual Reality and see if they are comfortable and are able to navigate through the immersive experience!

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