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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I wear my glasses while using VR?

Yes! You can absolutely use your glasses. Our special VR foam keeps your virtual experience comfortable.

Will I experience motion sickness?

In the past, VR has had a bad reputation with people experiencing motion sickness. This phenomenon was due to the limitations of old tech and is not common with newer VR headsets. Our Vr lounge is equipped with the latest VR technology to facilitate a pleasant and seamless experience.

Can my friends and I share a gaming session?

Yes! The number of people in a single gaming session increases depending upon the length of your booked time. A 30 min session can be shared between two people and a 60 min session can be shared between 4!

Does your gaming lounge have any multiplayer or Co-Op options?

Yes! We are proud of our multiplayer and Co-Op functionality and highly recommend it to our guests.

Can I book the entire lounge for a corporate event or birthday?

Yes! You may contact us for the appropriate pricing and information.