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Sneaky Bears


The world is under attack…by evil teddy bears. Led by the evil mastermind bear Frank, they have seized control of a toy factory in which they are building an evil teddy bear army to take over the world. Armed with only your motion-controlled weapons, it is up to you to stop them and rescue the innocent panda bears that Frank and his minions have taken hostage. Fend off different kinds of bears and other challenges in 3 unique game modes using the weapons at your disposals such as the freeze ray, water gun, and shotgun. Make sure you look everywhere to keep those bears from sneaking up and attacking you! Can you survive, defeat the evil bear Frank, and save the world from destruction at the hands of the not so innocent cute and cuddly teddy bears? Features:Fend off evil bears and other challenges in 3 unique game modes to difficulty levels: cuddly & crazy Play through 5 rounds in each mode to unlock the boss level Different weapons at your disposal: toy gun, shotgun, water gun, and freeze gun Sarcastic, witty, humorous evil mastermind bear, Frank, lead the army against you with funny one-liners 80’s style of art and expansive factory settings Fast-paced gameplay with bears who come running, flying, and rolling towards you Built exclusively for virtual realityGlobal leaderboards for each level

Sneaky Bears

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Step into a world where cuddly teddy bears have gone rogue, and it's up to you to stop their nefarious plans.

Gather your friends or challenge them to see who can outwit these mischievous plush creatures. Use your skills and arsenal of creative weapons to protect the world from their shenanigans.

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