A-tech Cybernetic - GAMMA VR (Virtual Reality)

A-tech Cybernetic


Built exclusively for VR, A-Tech Cybernetic’s Story Mode will offer hours of explosive fun, while Swarm Mode (and soon Co-Op) will test your grit in a sci-fi nightmare scenario. Stop the mutant invasion at a futuristic megacorp, controlling an arsenal of weapons and superpowers with real life movements! – STORY MODE – DIVE INTO AN IMMERSIVE SCI-FI ADVENTURE – SWARM MODE – STOP THE MUTANT HORDES AND SURVIVE – REAL LIFE COMBAT SYSTEM – USE YOUR BODY TO FIGHT – USE AND DEVELOP YOUR SUPERHUMAN POWERS – EXPLORE A VISUALLY STUNNING ENVIRONMENT Have fun and don’t ever forget: all mutants must die!

A-tech Cybernetic

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Immerse yourself in a futuristic world where you become a cybernetically enhanced soldier battling against powerful enemies and uncovering dark secrets.

Team up with friends or take on the challenges alone as you engage in intense battles, upgrade your cybernetic abilities, and unravel the mysteries of a dangerous world.

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