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Reasons Why VR is Great for Kids Birthday Parties

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Reasons Why VR is Great for Kids Birthday Parties

Have you ever wished your kids birthday parties could be an absolute blast without the hassle of leaving home? Well, what if you get to know a way to make it happen with the magic of virtual reality? Lately, many kids are having virtual reality (VR) parties for birthdays. This incredible technology lets kids have a lot of fun without leaving their homes.

As parents, we know that kids are super curious. They’re always looking for new things and trying to understand the world around them. Like us, they need support and affirmation and often get that through playing. When they play, they learn about rules and figure out what others want and need.

So, here are 12 significant reasons why we think having a virtual reality birthday party is a fantastic idea for a kid’s birthday!

12 Reasons Parents Love VR Birthdays

Happy kids = Happy family

Ever notice how happy kids equal a happy family? With the rise of online gaming influencers on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, even if kids haven’t played the games, they’re tuned in to what’s trending. Moreover, games like Job Simulator, Beat Saber, Rec Room Paintball, or SuperHot VR become instant hits because they’ve seen them online and can’t wait to try them.

 Another way to say it is that it’s a lot of fun –

Let’s put it simply: it’s a ton of fun! When kids get imaginative, it’s not just fun; it’s hilarious. They take charge, creating stories, building forts with pillows and blankets, or using cardboard armor. So, the red carpets inside the house suddenly became lava. Did anyone else hear it, or did you hear it too? Now, with virtual reality, the kid in all of us can live out our wildest dreams.

 It’s a new medium

Think of a child’s mind as a super absorbent sponge, especially regarding new things like smartphones. Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) are like the next-gen smartphones – the cool new ways we talk and play. As the gap between what’s real and virtual gets smaller, introducing VR and AR to your kids now lets you guide how much they see and helps them get used to this tech that’ll soon be a part of everyday life. It’s like preparing them for the future when this equipment becomes lighter, cheaper, and easy to carry around.

It’s Cost and Time Effective

Imagine spending about the same amount as a movie ticket for each person at The VR Club. They make sure you get tons of fun during your chosen time. After the VR session, instead of feeling restless like after a movie, the kids are tired but super happy and ready to chill with some food or relax at home.

Create Memories Together

VR is like a cool “experience” that sticks with you. It’s not just a fancy word. VR makes memories from things you do, like training for police or firefighters. So, when you and your friends fly around with virtual jetpacks, it creates super fun memories that stick around for a long time.

Customizable games for birthday parties

Making a gaming zone for a birthday party that fits what your kid likes is simple. If you want it chill, go for a game console or computer without all the fancy stuff. If you want it cooler, there are many choices to try out different game settings.

Affordable gaming zone for Kids Birthday Parties

Gaming zones usually don’t cost as much as other places, so they’re affordable for any-sized group. And guess what? Lots of gaming zones give you discounts or free stuff if you book ahead. Cool, right?

You can organize perfect LBVR events

You can plan awesome VR events like gaming tournaments, private parties, birthdays, team-building, awards, and festivals. This gets more people to come, and they might even share about it online. In short, there are many times to celebrate, like private events, Halloween, Children’s Day, or you can create your own special days!

A VR Arena will get you a valuable advantage over the competition

If you’re the first to bring a VR multiplayer arena to your area, people will be super excited to try something new, and you’ll be the standout attraction. If others already have it, you can still be unique by organizing special events, hosting gaming tournaments, and giving prizes. Just get creative with it!


What are some of the best Virtual Reality Birthday Party Ideas?

Top Virtual Reality Party Ideas

Now, let’s get down to the fun part ideas!

1. VR Gaming Tournament

Have you ever thought about hosting a VR gaming competition with your gaming friends? You can set up a virtual arcade with various VR games and offer rewards for the winners. It could be fun to connect with like-minded acquaintances and enjoy friendly competition.
Let’s learn more about VR parties.

2. Virtual Reality Movie Night

Get ready for a Virtual Reality Movie Night that takes movie watching to a new level! Forget just sitting and watching – with VR, you’re part of the action inside the movie. Whether you’re chasing asteroids or exploring a medieval town, it’s a total game-changer. Pick from cool VR movies, like nature stuff or action adventures, and match snacks to the movie for extra fun. 

Share laughs, gasps, and maybe a few screams with your friends. Make your party unforgettable by doing something different. A Virtual Reality party isn’t just about games; it’s about making fantastic memories in a new way. Let’s shake things up and make your party the best!

3. VR-Themed Party

Think about throwing a party that’s not just about the theme but living it! That’s the cool thing about VR-themed parties. Instead of just dressing up, imagine having a Space Exploration party where friends gear up as astronauts and walk on the moon, explore planets, and meet aliens. 

Or, how about an underwater adventure where everyone swims with fish, finds old shipwrecks, or gets close to a shark? VR makes it all real, taking guests to different worlds for a hands-on experience. Overall, you can match everything – decorations, food, and games – to the theme for a super fun time. It’s not your usual party; it’s a whole new level of awesome!

To host an awesome VR-themed party, follow these simple steps:

  • Select a VR Experience: Choose a VR experience that matches the interests of your guests.
  • Set Up VR Equipment: Arrange the VR equipment in an accessible area for everyone to enjoy.
  • Prioritize Safety: Implement safety measures to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.
  • Add Creative Touches: Enhance the theme with creative elements like space-themed snacks or beach-themed decorations.
  • Craft Unforgettable Experiences: Understand that hosting a VR-themed party is about creating lasting memories for your friends.
  • Step Up Your Party Game: Consider a VR-themed party for your next event to elevate the overall experience and make incredible memories.

4. VR Escape Room Party

Get ready for a Kids Birthday Parties that blends mystery, excitement, and fun – the VR Escape Room Party! Imagine a virtual world with your friends, unraveling intriguing mysteries in a haunted castle, a secret agent’s lair, or an alien spaceship. It’s not your typical escape room; it’s a virtual adventure right in your living room. 

Pick a VR escape room experience, set up your VR system in a spacious spot, and brace yourself for a brain-teasing challenge. As puzzles unfold, the clock ticks, and competitive spirits rise, cheers for cracking tough clues, collective sighs for apparent solutions, and the laughter and banter make it an unforgettable party. Why not give your next gathering a thrilling twist with a VR Escape Room theme? It’s an experience your friends will talk about for ages. Happy planning!

5. VR Art And Creativity Party

Think of throwing a VR Art and Creativity Party as an excellent way to let loose and get creative with your pals. Instead of just drawing on paper, you can use a VR system and apps like Google’s Tilt Brush or Facebook’s Quill to paint in a 3D world with all sorts of colors. Picture painting stars, sketching a giant dinosaur, or walking around your artwork like magic. 

Hosting the party is easy, and you can have art contests, share your creations, and just have fun exploring your artistic side in a whole new way. It’s not just about having a good time; it’s a chance for everyone to be super creative together. So, prepare those virtual brushes, let the creativity flow, and cheers to art, new ideas, and parties you won’t forget!

Benefits of Virtual Reality Entertainment for Kids

  • Fun Adventures: Virtual reality games take kids on exciting adventures in different worlds, making birthdays extra special, especially for younger ones.
  • Action-Packed Fun: Kids become the heroes of their own stories in VR games, adding a lot of action and excitement to the birthday celebration.
  • Choose What They Love: With lots of VR games, you can find one the birthday child likes, making sure they and their friends have a blast.
  • Family Fun Time: Everyone in the family can join the birthday fun by putting on a headset and being part of the adventure. It’s a cool way to create memories together on a special day.


Why Choose VR for Children’s Parties

Choosing virtual reality (VR) for children’s birthday parties brings a new dimension to entertainment, making it an innovative and exciting choice for kids’ birthday party entertainment. Also, VR offers a captivating and immersive experience, allowing children to explore fantasy worlds, engage in interactive games, and embark on thrilling adventures, all within the safety of a controlled virtual environment. 

In addition, the benefits of VR for children include fostering creativity, enhancing cognitive skills, and providing a unique and memorable celebration. It goes beyond traditional entertainment, creating an unforgettable birthday experience that combines fun and education, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking a modern and engaging celebration for their kids.

Also, learn more VR birthday Party Ideas for Kids


What are some Interactive VR Games for Kids’ Birthday

let’s look at some of the best VR games available for kids.

Pierhead Arcade: Play virtual arcade favorites

  • VR Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
    Developer: Mechabit Ltd.

Remember those fun arcades on vacations with games like Skee-Ball and claw machines? Pierhead Arcade lets you have your own virtual arcade with all those classics. Play Skee-Ball, Whack-a-Mole, and more, just like the old times. 

Moreover, you even get virtual tickets to choose prizes at the counter, just like in arcades. Indeed, it’s like having your private arcade, and you can almost imagine the smell of corn dogs. It’s a blast! 

Why it’s fun for kids: Who wouldn’t want their private, rigged claw machine they could always practice on?


  • Great old-timely look and feel.
  • Wide selection of games.
  • Excellent replay value.


  • Games will eventually get old.

Candy Kingdom VR: A whimsical shooting gallery for kids

  • VR Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR
    Developer: GameplaystudioVR

Most VR shooting games are not for kids. Many are too scary, involving killing zombies, monsters, or people, and that’s not kid-friendly. But Candy Kingdom VR changes that. However, it’s like a shooting game, but it’s friendly for kids. You’re still shooting at things, but it’s not violent; it’s more like a fun Disney ride or a game at the carnival. 

Overall, the game is colorful, bright, and challenging. Unlike those zombie games, the Candy World theme won’t give you nightmares. It’s all about having a good time! 

Why it’s fun for kids: Bright colors, fun action, and candy. Who doesn’t like candy?


  • Feels like a carnival game.
  • Fun visuals.
  • Enough challenge to keep kids interested.


  • Could use a bit more variety.

Tilt Brush: Bring your drawings to life in 3D

  • VR Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
    Developer: Google

Remember when you first got a computer and played with the paint program? You spent hours trying different brushes and colors. Tilt Brush is like that, but even more fantastic for today’s kids and parents. It’s a 3D VR paint program where you can make drawings in space. Also, you can draw things that look real, then change or erase them however you want. 

And you’re not stuck with regular brushes – you can paint with fire, smoke, neon lights, or even electricity! There are endless possibilities, and it’s so much fun that you can get lost in it for hours. So, the controls are easy; getting the hang of it is about letting your creativity run wild.

Why it’s fun for kids: It’s an entirely new medium they’ve never explored. 


  • Amazing visuals.
  • Builds creativity.
  • Excellent selection of tools to paint with.


  • This isn’t a game.
  • Kids might need help getting started.

Cloudlands VR Minigolf: Play mini-golf without leaving the house

  • VR Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OS VR
    Developer: Futuretown

Remember going on family vacations as a kid and playing mini-golf with cheesy pirate or dinosaur themes? Cloudlands VR Minigolf brings that fun into the VR world, and it’s really cool. Moreover, the game is colorful and easy to control. But don’t be fooled – it’s still tricky, just like real mini-golf. That challenge is what makes it fun for everyone.

There are fun and tough courses, but the best part is you can make your own mini-golf courses! No need to mess up your parents’ backyard. After creating, you can share your course with others and play courses made by them too. It’s like having your mini-golf world in VR!

Why it’s fun for kids: It’s easy to play, and you can make and play your own mini-golf courses!


  • It’s super easy to pick up and play.
  • Bright, colorful courses.
  • Fun for all ages.


  • Like real-world mini-golf, it can get frustrating.

Smashbox Arena: Extreme Dodgeball

  • VR Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
    Developer: BigBox VR, Inc.

Smashbox Arena is part multiplayer dodgeball and part first-person shooter.

This game is like super intense dodgeball! There are different types of dodgeballs, like some that follow you and others that turn into big rolling rocks to smash opponents. You can even get a special dodgeball shooter like a sniper rifle for super accurate shots. 

There are lots of arenas and game modes for a ton of fun. If lots of people keep playing, you’ll always find someone to play with. And if not, you can play against computer opponents. Even though it’s like a shooting game, it’s still just dodgeball, so there’s no blood and guts, and it’s good for kids to play.

Why it’s fun for kids: Everyone loves dodgeball and missiles.


  • Fun, wild, and attention-grabbing.
  • Multiple arenas and game modes.
  • It has multiplayer.


  • It might get competitive.
  • Some people might consider it violent for very young kids.

Final Words Kids Birthday Parties

Virtual reality is a popular choice for kids’ birthday parties due to its immersive and exciting nature, offering endless possibilities. So, not only is it a low-key option for parents, but it also serves as a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged. 

Moreover, virtual reality provides a unique opportunity to celebrate, even when physical presence is challenging. Consider a virtual reality party for a fun and distinctive celebration, where a VR arcade becomes the perfect venue, bringing people together engagingly and memorably.

FAQs for Kids Birthday Parties

Looking for unique VR Kids Birthday Parties experiences near you?

Explore unique kids’ party experiences with Gamma VR virtual reality (VR) near you! Transform your child’s celebration into an unforgettable adventure by offering VR gaming birthday parties where young guests can immerse themselves in exciting virtual worlds. 

Is VR suitable for kids?

For parents exploring VR headsets and games for their children, it’s crucial to note that most VR headsets aren’t designed for kids under 13. Additionally, selecting games with the appropriate ESRB rating is essential. Ratings include E for everyone, E10+ for ages 10 and up, T for teens aged 13 and up, M for mature audiences aged 17 and up, and A for adults only, aged 18 and up.


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