20 best virtual reality/VR games in 2023

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20 best virtual reality/VR games in 2023?

Virtual reality (VR) gaming has become incredibly popular, offering a unique and realistic gaming experience. In 2023, many exciting VR games are coming out that you should be excited about. Let’s discuss the 20 best virtual reality/VR games in 2023.

This blog has gathered the 20 best VR games to look forward to this year. No matter what type of games you enjoy, whether horror, racing, multiplayer, or sports, we have something for you. We have included the best VR games for platforms like Steam, PlayStation, Oculus, and PC.  20 best virtual reality/VR games in 2023?

Also, you can expect the best VR horror games that will give you chills, fast-paced racing games that will get your heart racing and exciting multiplayer games to enjoy with friends. If you’re looking to get active, we have also included VR fitness games that will make you break a sweat. And if you’re seeking a new adventure, the immersive worlds of the best VR adventure games will transport you to new places.

Similarly, prepare for an incredible gaming experience that feels like you’re there. Let’s dive into VR gaming and discover the 20 best virtual reality/VR games in 2023 to take your gaming to a new level at Gamma VR.

Top 20 Best VR Games in 2023

Looking for the best virtual reality games to play in 2023? Check out our top picks for the year’s best games for VR  Gamma VR.

  • Game 1: Arizona Sunshine

Firstly, Arizona Sunshine is an exciting VR first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. Also, you’ll experience intense gameplay like never before, with realistic weapon handling and immersive exploration.

Moreover, it offers realistic weapon control, a full-scale campaign, free exploration, immersive zombie survival, co-op multiplayer, and plays with a friend in a co-op campaign. Also, it offers multiplayer Horde mode and unprecedented VR realism.

Arizona Sunshine 

Reason to Choose: Engage in realistic combat, a full-size campaign, cooperative multiplayer, and unparalleled VR realism in this exclusive VR game at Gamma VR.

Who Can Play: Above all, it is perfect for VR enthusiasts, first-person shooter fans, and those interested in immersive zombie survival. Compatible with Steam VR, Oculus, and PC VR platforms.

  • Game 2: Cowbots and Aliens

In addition to this, Cowbots and Aliens is an action-packed VR multiplayer game set in a wild west saloon. Engage in free movement, intense gunfights, and various competitive modes for an exciting VR experience. 

Moreover, use anything around you as a weapon, whether flipping tables, throwing knives, or shooting beer bottles. Hang out in the social saloon area or battle against AI bots. Customize your character with hats, shirts, and more at Gamma VR. Experience the chaos of the Wild West and enjoy immersive multiplayer VR battles.

Cowbots and Aliens

Reason to Choose: Immerse yourself in a lively and thrilling VR brawl with interactive gameplay and a unique Wild West setting.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR enthusiasts who enjoy multiplayer action. Compatible with Steam VR, Oculus, and PC VR platforms.

  • Game 3: Rec Room

Moreover, Rec Room is the ultimate VR hangout where you can play games, meet friends, and have a blast. Join intense multiplayer games like Paintball, Laser Tag, Quest, and Rec Royale, or chill in the park. Discover a variety of player-created game rooms and events, with new ones regularly added. 

Also, build your rooms with easy 3D creation tools. With cross-platform compatibility, you can play with friends on different VR platforms. The Rec Room offers a vibrant community and endless fun, all for free.

Rec Room

Reason to Choose: Enjoy multiplayer games, socializing, and the creative freedom to build VR experiences.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR enthusiasts who love multiplayer games and social interactions. Compatible with various VR platforms.

  • Game 4: GORN

GORN is a wildly violent VR gladiator simulator created by Free Lives, the developers behind Broforce and Genital Jousting. However, GORN’s unique physics-driven combat engine lets players unleash their most brutal gladiatorial fantasies in virtual reality. 

However, engage in savage battles against poorly animated opponents using various weapons, including swords, maces, bows, nunchucks, knives, and even your bare hands soaked in blood. Most importantly, let your imagination and sense of decency be the only limits in this brutal and savage VR face-smashing game, considered the epitome of VR carnage.


Reason to Choose: Indulge in a thrilling, over-the-top VR gladiator experience featuring intense physics-based combat and a wide array of brutal weapons.

Who Can Play: Also, it is perfect for VR gamers seeking a highly violent and immersive gladiator simulator. Developed by Free Lives, GORN appeals to those who appreciate the developer’s previous titles, Broforce and Genital Jousting.

  • Game 5: Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR provides an extraordinary virtual reality experience, allowing you to explore the world from new perspectives. Take strolls through the streets of Tokyo, soar above the Grand Canyon, and marvel at the iconic Eiffel Tower. 

However, this VR app unlocks access to global cities, landmarks, and natural wonders. Fly over bustling metropolises, stand atop majestic peaks, and even venture into space. Also, With Earth VR, embark on cinematic tours and visit hand-picked destinations like the Amazon River, Manhattan skyline, Grand Canyon, Swiss Alps, and more.

Google Earth VR

Reason to Choose: Immerse yourself in a captivating VR experience that lets you discover and appreciate worldwide landmarks and natural wonders with a fresh perspective.

Who Can Play: Clearly, Perfect for VR enthusiasts seeking a unique and immersive way to explore the world; compatible with various VR platforms, Google Earth VR offers an interactive and awe-inspiring journey for all.

  • Game 6: The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone

The Gallery: Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone is a puzzle exploration game series designed for virtual reality, drawing inspiration from the mystery of dark 80s fantasy adventure films. 

Moreover, follow your sister Elsie to the world of Ember and uncover the remnants of a shattered civilization torn apart by two siblings vying for power. Most importantly, Wielding the Gauntlet, a mystical relic with telekinetic abilities, will unravel the forgotten history of this place and uncover the true intentions of the enigmatic figure who sent you here. 

Most Importantly, immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted fantasy world and experience hours of gameplay, story, and wonder in this highly anticipated sequel.

The Gallery Episode 2 Heart of the Emberstone

Reason to Choose: Embark on an epic VR adventure that unravels the secrets of a dark and forgotten world, featuring intricate puzzles, stunning visuals, and an immersive storyline.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR gamers who enjoy exploration, puzzle-solving, and captivating fantasy adventures. The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone is a must-play for fans of the series and those seeking an immersive virtual reality experience.

  • Game 7: Bullets and More VR (BAM VR)

Bullets and More VR (BAM VR) offers an action-packed multiplayer experience with respawns and minimal downtime. With over 40 unique maps and multiple game modes, including BAM Royale, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Virus Infection, Gun Game, and Classic Deathmatch, up to 12 players can engage in thrilling VR battles.

Bullets and More VR

Reason to Choose: Immerse yourself in a dynamic multiplayer VR game with various modes and maps, providing nonstop action and excitement.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR enthusiasts seeking intense multiplayer experiences. Compatible with Steam VR and PC VR platforms.

  • Game 7: The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed

The Gallery: Episode 1: Call of the Starseed is an episodic VR game inspired by dark 80s fantasy films. Also, embark on a VR adventure with intriguing game mechanics, a forgotten world, and captivating characters.

Call of the Starseed

Reason to Choose: Immerse yourself in a unique VR experience that combines fantasy storytelling with groundbreaking game mechanics, offering a captivating journey into a forgotten world.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR gamers who enjoy immersive adventures and are fans of dark fantasy films. Compatible with various VR platforms, this game provides an engaging and immersive experience.

  • Game 8: Front Defense VR

Front Defense VR immerses you in a World War II battlefield. Experience accurate tracking as you shoot and throw grenades using your Vive VR system. Utilize advanced weapons to destroy enemies, including rocket launchers and guns. Moreover, Engage in a single-player wave shooter where victory depends on skill and strategic weapon use.

Front Defense VR

Reason to Choose: Immerse yourself in a realistic World War II VR experience, utilizing accurate tracking and advanced weapons to triumph on the battlefield.

Who Can Play: However, it is perfect for the best VR gamers in 2023 seeking a World War II shooter experience. Compatible with individuals looking for the best Steam VR games and PC VR platforms.

  • Game 9: War Robots VR: The Skirmish

War Robots VR: Usualty, The Skirmish is an immersive teaser-shooter game for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, set in the expansive universe of the War Robots franchise. Immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere of an ongoing global war as you take control of a powerful robot ready to face any challenges. 

Also, Experience the thrill of piloting a giant robot, exploring a city ravaged by battles, and uncovering the mysteries that brought you and your squadmate to this war-torn landscape.

War Robots VR The Skirmish

Reason to Choose: Dive into the established universe of War Robots, enjoying fast-paced shooting mechanics and a highly immersive VR experience on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR enthusiasts seeking the best multiplayer VR game experiences and fans of the War Robots franchise. Compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

  • Game 10: Stand Out: VR Battle Royale

Moreover, Stand Out is the ultimate fight for survival in a Battle Royale setting. Compete against other players on a vast island, armed with deadly weapons and the opportunity to utilize vehicles. Your objective is to be the last person standing.

Stand Out VR Battle Royale

Reason to Choose: Immerse yourself in an intense Battle Royale experience where you must outlast and outsmart opponents on a massive island armed with various weapons and vehicles.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR gamers who enjoy multiplayer Battle Royale games. Compatible with various VR platforms.

  • Game 11: Sneaky Bears

Moreover, Sneaky Bears takes you into a world where evil teddy bears wreak havoc. Led by the mastermind bear, Frank, they have seized control of a toy factory and are building an army to take over the world. Equipped with motion-controlled weapons, your mission is to stop them and rescue innocent panda bears held captive. 

In addition, engage in three unique game modes, fend off various bear challenges, and utilize weapons like the freeze ray, water gun, and shotgun. Can you survive, defeat Frank, and save the world from destruction by these seemingly innocent yet dangerous teddy bears?

Sneaky Bears

Reason to Choose: Immerse yourself in a humorous and action-packed VR game, fending off evil teddy bears and rescuing pandas with various motion-controlled weapons.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR gamers who enjoy humorous and fast-paced gameplay experiences. Compatible with various VR platforms.

  • Game 12: VRZ

VRZ provides a unique VR game experience with a DayZ-like atmosphere, offering a strong sense of presence and immersion. Above all, it combines elements of survival and darkness, akin to Arizona Sunshine, but with a greater emphasis on survival. Only in VR can you fully experience and feel the intense and immersive gameplay of VRZ.


Reason to Choose: Immerse yourself in a dark and immersive VR survival experience akin to DayZ, where you can truly feel the presence of being in the virtual world.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR gamers seeking the best horror VR games and the best Oculus VR survival experiences with a darker tone. Compatible with various VR platforms.

  • Game 13: A-Tech Cybernetic

A-Tech Cybernetic is an immersive VR game designed exclusively for VR platforms. Dive into the thrilling Story Mode, offering hours of explosive fun as you take on a futuristic megacorporation and its mutant invasion. 

Use real-life movements to control an arsenal of weapons and superpowers, fighting off hordes of mutants in the intense Swarm Mode. Experience a visually stunning environment, develop your superhuman powers, and immerse yourself in this sci-fi adventure where all mutants must die.

A Tech Cybernetic game

Reason to Choose: Immerse yourself in a futuristic sci-fi adventure filled with explosive action, mutant battles, and superhuman powers, all in the immersive world of VR. A-Tech Cybernetic is recognized as one of the best Oculus VR games, combining thrilling gameplay with intense VR shooting mechanics.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR gamers seeking a thrilling and visually stunning sci-fi experience, especially those looking for the best VR shooting games. Compatible with various VR platforms, including Oculus VR.

  • Game 14: Front Defense: Heroes Multiplayer

Front Defense: Heroes is a violent FPS action game set during World War II. In this 5v5 online single and multiplayer VR shooter, engage in actual battle settings and use weapons from the 1940s. 

Developed specifically for VR by Fantahorn Studio, Front Defense: Heroes offers intuitive controls, expansive battle maps, realistic vintage weapons, and the opportunity to engage in real military operations.

Front Defense Heroes Multiplayer

Reasons to Choose: Immerse yourself in an intense and authentic World War II experience with Front Defense: Heroes Multiplayer. Engage in thrilling multiplayer battles, utilize realistic vintage weapons, and participate in actual military operations. Therefore, it is recognized as one of the best VR games and best multiplayer VR games, with intense VR shooting mechanics optimized for PC VR platforms.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR gamers seeking intense multiplayer FPS action set in the World War II era. Compatible with various PC VR platforms.

  • Game 15: Frontline Heroes VR

Frontline Heroes VR is an immersive VR game that combines the excitement of a shooter game with challenging puzzle elements. Engage in a gripping campaign with multiple missions, where you’ll encounter various enemies and wield different weapons. 

Most importantly, experience the freedom of free locomotion as you navigate through captivating environments. Also, as one of the best VR games, with its thrilling shooting mechanics, puzzle-solving, and engaging campaign, it’s a must-play for VR enthusiasts.

Frontline Heroes VR

Reason to Choose: Embark on a thrilling adventure in Frontline Heroes VR, offering the perfect blend of intense shooter gameplay and thought-provoking puzzles. Imagine a captivating campaign filled with diverse missions, enemies, and weapons.

Who Can Play: Perfect for VR gamers seeking an action-packed shooter game with puzzle elements. Compatible with various VR platforms.

  • Game 16: VR Shooter Guns

VR Shooter Guns is an exhilarating sci-fi shooter game on a space station infested with evil robots. Immerse yourself in the intense VR experience as you navigate the futuristic environment and engage in thrilling battles. Moreover, its fast-paced gameplay and immersive sci-fi setting make it a must-play for fans of VR games, shooter games, and sci-fi shooters.

VR Shooter Guns

Reason to Choose: Comparatively, VR Shooter Guns offers an adrenaline-fueled shooting experience in a captivating sci-fi world. Engage in intense battles, showcase your skills, and eliminate the menacing robots to survive.

Who Can Play: This game is designed for VR enthusiasts who enjoy immersive shooter games. It is compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, making it accessible to players with PC VR setups.

  • Game 17th QuiVr: The Ultimate VR Archery Game

Step into the immersive world of QuiVr, the best VR game for archery enthusiasts. With its realistic bow and arrow mechanics, dynamic multiplayer mode, and engaging gameplay, QuiVr offers an unparalleled VR shooting experience. Test your skills in fast-paced archery battles as you defend your keep against relentless enemies. After that, Customize your armor, compete on leaderboards, and enjoy the thrill of immersive gameplay that combines precision and action.

The Ultimate VR Archery Game

Reasons to Choose: Experience an authentic archery thrill with QuiVr, one of the best Steam VR and PC VR games. Master bow-and-arrow combat in immersive VR multiplayer battles. Compete globally on leaderboards. Furthermore, get ready for heart-pounding VR gaming at its best.

Who Can Play: However, it is the ultimate VR game for archery enthusiasts, offering addictive multiplayer battles and a chance to dominate the leaderboards.

  • Game 18th Richie’s Plank Experience: Immersive VR Adventure

Embark on a thrilling VR adventure in Richie’s Plank Experience. Step onto an 80-story high plank and face a daunting choice: walk or freeze. With object cloning, bonus modes, and intense gameplay, this game delivers the best VR experience. It’s perfect for those seeking multiplayer excitement, horror thrills, and engaging shooting challenges. In short, get ready to be immersed in virtual reality like never before.

Richies Plank Experience Immersive VR Adventure

Reasons to Choose: Richie’s Plank Experience offers the best immersive VR thrills with realistic visuals and intense shooting gameplay. Engage in multiplayer battles, face horror-themed challenges, and clone real-world objects. As one of the top VR games, it delivers an unforgettable experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Who Can Play: Likewise, Richie’s Plank Experience is perfect for VR enthusiasts, gamers looking for thrilling experiences, and those seeking multiplayer action. This game is a thrilling and addictive experience for horror and shooting game fans and virtual reality enthusiasts.

  • Game 19th Audioshield: Immersive VR Music Experience

Audioshield is a top VR game, widely recognized as one of the best PC VR games and a must-play among the best Steam VR games. Step into the rhythm and block the beats in Audioshield. Also, using your shields, block incoming orbs in sync with your music, immersing yourself in an electrifying audiovisual journey. 

Most importantly, with its advanced music analysis system, Audioshield syncs with any song from your collection. Compete on online leaderboards or challenge friends with local leaderboards, making it the ultimate multiplayer music game. Experience the power of music in virtual reality like never before.

Audioshield Immersive VR Music Experience

Reason to choose: Similarly, choose Audioshield for an immersive music adventure in virtual reality. It’s perfect for anyone who loves rhythm games and wants to feel the music like never before, with its simple gameplay and online leaderboards.

Who Can Play: It’s accessible to casual and competitive gamers. Get ready to block the beats and unleash your inner music warrior!

  • Game 20th Elven Assassin

In Elven Assassin, wield your bow and protect the elven town from hordes of orcs. Engage in solo play to climb the leaderboards or join other assassins in online co-op mode. Dodge massive axes thrown by orc warriors as you take on this epic town defense game. Prepare for thrilling battles and strive to conquer the global leaderboards in this immersive VR experience.

Elven Assassin

Reason to Choose: Choose Elven Assassin for an exciting VR gaming experience that combines archery, cooperative gameplay, and intense orc-slaying action. With its competitive gameplay, global leaderboards, and engaging multiplayer modes, this game offers hours of thrilling entertainment. 

Experience the satisfaction of becoming an elven assassin and test your skills against other players in PvP Deathmatch mode.

Who Can Play: Elven Assassin suits solo players seeking a leaderboard challenge and those seeking cooperative multiplayer experiences. Whether you enjoy fantasy games, archery gameplay, or immersive VR adventures, this game offers engaging content for all players. That’s all about the 20 best virtual reality/VR games in 2023 available at Gamma VR for a fantastic experience.

This is all about our collection’s 20 best virtual reality/VR games in 2023.

FAQs: 20 best virtual reality/VR games in 2023?

What are the best VR sports games?

After that, the best VR sports games offer immersive experiences that let players engage in various virtual sports activities. Also, these games provide realistic gameplay, accurate physics, and captivating sports environments. Also, from boxing and tennis to golf and basketball, VR sports games bring the excitement and intensity of sports to virtual reality.

What is the best VR golf game?

After that, VR golf games provide immersive and realistic experiences, allowing players to enjoy the sport in virtual reality. With accurate swing mechanics, stunning courses, and challenging gameplay, these golf games offer an immersive experience from home.

Which VR game at Gamma VR is considered the best zombie game?

The best zombie game at Gamma VR is a subjective choice, but popular titles in this genre include “Arizona Sunshine,” “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners,” and “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard VR.” These games offer thrilling and immersive experiences, combining intense zombie encounters with immersive virtual reality gameplay.

Final Words: 20 best virtual reality/VR games in 2023?

In conclusion, these 20 best virtual reality/VR games in 2023 offer various exciting experiences. Whether you enjoy action, horror, sports, or puzzles, there’s a VR game for everyone. With immersive gameplay and multiplayer options, the best VR games provide endless fun and engagement. 

Discover unforgettable adventures with top VR games at Gamma VR. Get ready for an incredible gaming experience like no other!

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