VR Mobile Ambassador

Virtual Reality is a $12 Billion Industry

Now here’s your chance to be a part of it!

You can earn $50! for every referral that books with Gamma VR Mobile

Virtual Reality (VR) Market has been making waves in the mainstream. Tech giants, like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are all investing millions of dollars just to get their piece of the 12 Billion Dollar VR Industry.


Experts estimate that VR is on track to be a $87.97 Billion Dollar Industry in less than 5 years!


Gamma VR Ambassadors have a chance to take advantage of the VR Industry and make a profit just like the major corporations except with no investment required!




What's the cost of joining the Ambassador Program?

No Signup or Membership Fees for Ambassadors signing up from

Jan 1st, 2020 – Mar 31st, 2020

Limited time only

How much can I earn by being an Ambassador?

You Earn $25! for a Sapphire (1 Hour) or a Ruby (2 Hours) package booking

You Earn $50! for an Emerald (3 Hours) or a Diamond (4 Hours) package booking

When will I get paid?

The Payment will go out when the booking is completed

How much of my time will it require?

How will I get paid?

At the moment the Payment will be through the CASH APP

The Ambassador Program is only for the VR Mobile

Gamma VR reserves the right to every aspect of the ambassador program